Zirbeldrüse Ein wahres Wunderwerk. Peer Zebergs

  • 31.03.2024
  • 720p HD
  • International

Pineal Gland Overview: The pineal gland, small in size and resembling a pine cone, is a topic of growing interest and mystery.

It's believed to have once been larger and is depicted in various religious artworks. It aligns with the golden ratio, a mathematical concept found in nature.

Functions and Mysticism: Known as the "third eye" or "Crystal Palace," the pineal gland is linked to spirituality and intuition, housing magnetite crystals that interact with electromagnetic and Scalar waves. It plays a central role in the endocrine system, controlling hormone production and functioning as the system's orchestrator.

Biochemical Importance: The pineal gland produces crucial hormones like melatonin and is responsible for the Circadian rhythm. It influences serotonin production during the day and its conversion to melatonin at night. Disruptions in its functioning can lead to various health issues, including depression.

Spirituality and Self-Healing: The gland's role in spirituality is emphasized, with its ability to influence experiences and perceptions, potentially through substances like DMT. Techniques like specific breathing methods may stimulate its functions, aiding in self-healing and spiritual experiences.

Health and Environmental Concerns: The pineal gland is sensitive to environmental factors like aluminum and electromagnetic fields, which can lead to calcification and dysfunction. Maintaining its health is crucial, involving dietary considerations and detoxification processes to support its optimal functioning.

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Zirbeldrüse Ein wahres Wunderwerk. Peer Zebergs
  • KATEGORIE: International
  • DATUM: 31.03.2024
  • DAUER: 26:18
  • AUFRUFE: 35

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