Zellentuning mit Hochfrequenz. Peer Zebergs

  • 31.03.2024
  • 720p HD
  • International

Focus on Oscillation and Frequencies: The show discusses the impact of various frequencies (150 MHz, 8 Hz, 144 Hz) on human health, highlighting their potential role in guiding bodily functions and the concept of a unique vibration within humans.

Influence of Environmental Frequencies: Concerns are raised about the effects of environmental frequencies, like those from hybrid cars, Wi-Fi routers, and 4G/5G networks, on health. The program emphasizes the need for awareness of these impacts, including the disruption they may cause to cell membranes and overall well-being.

Historical and Scientific Insights: The program references historical figures like Nikola Tesla and Professor Schuman, discussing their contributions to understanding frequencies and their applications in technology and health, such as Tesla's foresight into wireless energy and Schuman's calculation of the Earth's resonance.

Application in Health and Medicine: The show delves into the use of specific frequencies for health benefits, like the 150 MHz frequency for DNA tuning and cellular health, and the importance of the Schuman resonance for bodily functions like the regulation of the pineal gland.

Broader Implications and Call to Action: The discussion includes broader implications of frequency manipulation, touching on topics like the potential for mitigating modern health issues, the importance of understanding environmental impacts on health, and the need for individual and collective awareness and action in this domain.

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Zellentuning mit Hochfrequenz. Peer Zebergs
  • KATEGORIE: International
  • DATUM: 31.03.2024
  • DAUER: 27:21
  • AUFRUFE: 34

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