Physical reset with Tesla's radio frequency energy

  • 20.04.2022
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What if you could simply reset the cells of our body?

What Nikola Tesla long ago discovered, treated himself and until 1938 sold very numerous as a health product throughout Europe and then only banned, is now finally available again in improved form. With this Tesla radio frequency antenna at QuantiSana, you can effectively treat everything from A to Z, from allergies to cysts.
How. With the transfer of electrons directly into the cells, with the oscillation of the body water on the one hand with frequencies - and on the other hand by the transfer of the body water into a hexagonal structure, which not only binds free radicals, but itself emits electrons and brings the milieu into resonance. Thus a medicine chest is available, which strengthens the body by energy transfer, forces the #self healing and accelerates all #regeneration processes. Nothing is impossible, thanks to Tesla.

With this highly effective energy irradiation through the Celltuner, both the drinking water and all body fluids are #hexagonally structured with it and all cells are supplied with 3 times more energy. According to the world's greatest scientists in #water research (Prof. Dr. John, Dr. Pollack, Dr. Mercola) the water, and cell water hexagonality is the most important property and prerequisite for sustainable health. The Hunza people in the highlands of Pakistan, for example, drink only naturally hexagonally structured living glacier water; today it is known that this is the primary reason why these people live to be 120 years old on average. With the energy irradiation, however, the mitochondria (our most important organelles / trillions of bacteria-like power plants in all our cells) are additionally activated to such an extent that artificial fever is produced locally with it. This causes pathogens such as #parasites, #fungi, #viruses and #bacteria to die. At the same time, the electrical cell membrane voltage is raised back to the optimal value of at least (-)70 millivolts. This is critical because diseased, inflamed, injured, old or degenerated cells only have a cell membrane voltage of (-)50 millivolts or less and no longer recognize the body's key control signals. Proof of this are, for example, cancer or tumor cells that only have a cell membrane voltage of (-)15 millivolts. In contrast, the heart as an "electrical organ" always needs an optimal electrical cell membrane voltage for its function, which in consequence even leads to the fact that there is no "heart cancer".

Peer Zebergs, Health Analyst
Moderation: Corina Klein

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Physical reset with Tesla's radio frequency energy

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