Hexagonales Wasser der heilige Gral der Gesundheit

  • 31.03.2024
  • 720p HD
  • International

Topic and Guest: The segment focuses on natural medicine, discussing water and high-frequency technology. The guest is health analyst Peer Zebergs from Mayorca, who specializes in energy enhancement technologies and hexagonal water.

Hexagonal Water and Health Effects: Pers Bergs shares his personal experience with hexagonal water, noting its impact on his body's functions and contrasting it with the effects of regular tap water. He emphasizes the importance of water quality over quantity, mentioning that hexagonal water can better hydrate and transport nutrients to cells.

Water Quality and Absorption: The conversation touches on the need for biochemically pure water that is easily absorbed at the cellular level. Bergs discusses the issue of water purity in Mayorca and the general inadequacy of subpar water in nutrient transport, stressing the importance of hexagonal water's structure for optimal health benefits.

Hexagonal Water Structure and Benefits: Bergs explains the hexagonal structure of water, which he claims is crucial for various bodily functions, including detoxification and maintaining a balanced hyperacidity. He also discusses technologies and methods to maintain the hexagonal structure in water, drawing from the example of Hunza valley inhabitants' longevity and health.

High-Frequency Technology and Environmental Concerns: The discussion extends to high-frequency technology based on Nicola Tesla's inventions, its role in enhancing water quality, and the issue of environmental contaminants like glyphosate. Bergs highlights the importance of reconnecting with nature and the ability of water to absorb thoughts and electromagnetic signals, emphasizing the need for clean, structured water for overall health.

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Hexagonales Wasser der heilige Gral der Gesundheit
  • KATEGORIE: International
  • DATUM: 31.03.2024
  • DAUER: 21:21
  • AUFRUFE: 37

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