Frequenzfelder von 150 MHz bis 8 Hz. Peer Zebergs

  • 31.03.2024
  • 720p HD
  • International

The video is a discussion about the significance of specific frequencies, particularly 150 MHz and 8 Hz, in natural medicine.

The guest, Mr. Bergs, is a health analyst from Mallorca.
The 150 MHz frequency, mentioned as the natural resonance frequency of DNA, is believed to have various healing properties. It was discovered through the work of a researcher named Brewer, who noted its emission from both the sun and the galactic center. The frequency is considered important for humans and animals, and has been linked to significant medical breakthroughs.
The combination of 150 MHz with 8 Hz (the primary Schuman resonance) has been found to have incredible healing results in various experiments. This combination has been tested on plants and humans, showing positive effects on conditions like polyarthritis and potentially helping in cancer treatment.
The discussion also touches upon the impact of solar radiation on global warming and the decreasing intensity of the Schuman frequency due to electrosmog and other interference fields.
The conversation concludes with an exploration of the potential of scalar waves and the importance of hexagonal water as a converter of subtle information into matter. The guest emphasizes the significance of achieving a state of heart coherence and the powerful healing capabilities of these frequencies when used correctly.

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Frequenzfelder von 150 MHz bis 8 Hz. Peer Zebergs
  • KATEGORIE: International
  • DATUM: 31.03.2024
  • DAUER: 22:57
  • AUFRUFE: 21

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